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Who we are...


This is the new and in-progress (last updated Nov/1/2014) homepage for Tulsa Network Services, a provider of customized email/security and various IT solutions in the Tulsa area. 


I and my associates have been creating custom solutions since the mid 1990's for companies both locally and nationally, and have decades of experience with everything from Cisco routers and firewalls, assorted switching platforms, several UNIX platforms, assorted telecom gear, various remote access platforms, email/DNS configurations and about any other IT or Internet related sort of infrastructure.  I was involved with helping set up the first ISP in the Tulsa area (back in the days of shell accounts and SLIP/PPP), and also with managing the routers, portmasters (dialup/ISDN boxes) and UNIX boxes for that company.  I was also the person who set up their ability to provide DSL services locally, configuring their equipment and provisioning ATM PVC's for new users.  During the late 1990's, I was the designer/implementer of the web and DNS services for Creative Labs (Creative.com) as they transitioned from 56Kbps Internet all the way up to a DS3.


I also spent 10+ years at a very old enterprise sized Tulsa company managing their UNIX servers, firewalls, network, and numerous other special projects, and was one of the key persons involved with bringing their company into the Internet age, including the design and implementation of their multihomed Internet connection (with BGP and ASN), a separate design for a DR site, and a way of leveraging both infrastructures to add high redundancy to their Internet presence, such that unless two separate and geographically disparate high speed circuits are down simultaneously, they stay up and running on the Internet for both their corporate users and their public facing family of websites.


Other services...

We can consult with you on implementation, migration strategies, remote access setup, UNIX administration, or any number of other IT topics.  I have set up more than one Tulsa area firm with custom firewall solutions that include remote access (VPN and SSLVPN), and the ability to authenticate against Active Directory or LDAP if needed.  When needed we can draw on several other highly experienced  and vetted IT professionals that we can consult for expertise on specific topics such as MS Exchange, Active Directory, or other specializations.
Other hardware I've been using and configuring lately includes a Juniper SRX series firewall, and a Meraki MR18 Access Point.   For a company I hadn't heard a lot about, the Meraki product seems very solid and has all sorts of enterprise class WiFi features including some very interesting security capabilities for dealing with rogue AP's.

Contact Me...

You may contact me directly via email at:

barry AT tulsa DOT net
Phone: (918) 553-0123
Please note, the phone number on this site will generally go to voicemail, I provide a separate direct landline and cellphone number to current clients.
What I have been up to lately...
Own an HP 3600/3600n/3600dn printer?  I have found a way to upgrade those to be able to have native PCL/PS/PDF support, faster printing, etc.  I can also add network support if the 3600 is a non-network version.
Cost for this is very reasonable, typically $100 or so, and the upshot is native driver support in Windows 7/8 instead of having to get the old Vista driver going, plus the printer will work with a large variety of devices once upgraded, instead of just Windows (or possibly windows/mac).  Contact me via the contact methods listed at the bottom of this page if interested.
My latest creation is a design/implementation for email and spam filtering that is not a big nuisance.  If you are in the Internet marketing space, you probably have already run into issues where you receive a lot of legitimate email that gets miscategorized as spam, placed into quarantine, or deleted, and if so, you may have spent a great deal of time setting up whitelisting and rules to minimize this.


For the past 3 years, I have been running my own custom built system (based on major vendor components such as MS Exchange) that has the advantage of not deleting or filtering my legitimate marketing emails.  We currently work with over 2200 major vendors (think of any mass merchandiser or big box store, and most of them we work with) and a lot of the emails we receive from them contain information about upcoming sales and other marketing information, in other words, all sorts of buzzwords that a junk mail filter would go nuts about.  My setup is designed to filter out the vast majority of spam, but has a false positive rate of around 1 per million.   The result, I do not have to waste my valuable time checking a Junk folder, a quarantine, or anything other than my primary inbox.  The solution I am running costs me less than $6/user/month, has ActiveSync, BES integration, and 25GB per inbox, and works natively with Microsoft Outlook.  It also can be set up for as few as one users, or can also be configured to co-exist with an existing email setup.  It does involve multiple vendors, as I handpicked a dedicated email provider, and a dedicated antispam/antivirus vendor, etc.  I have not found any vendor that does both without causing me wasted time with lost email, or having to deal with a  junk or quarantine folder.  So I basically route through a specific and carefully configured vendor for antivirus/antispam, and then to the email host (with a special setting to ensure that it does not do further spam testing).  If you already have an in house email setup, it would be easy and inexpensive for me to set you up with this spam scanner.


Other thoughts on this solution...


The additional advantage for me, as a small business, is that all of this is done with "cloud" tech, i.e. hosted services that have proven to have rock solid uptimes.  So I don't have to spend a lot of time managing or building servers for things like email and can spend my time more productively.

While it works phenomenally for companies that get a lot of email that tends to get miscategorized, it is a great solution for any company that wants a simple yet robust and solid solution for email and/or antispam.

Interested?  Contact me, I'd be happy to explain it in more detail, or be your provider for email/antispam/antivirus services.